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  • Pecan Smoked Chicken
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About us

At Jonathan’s, we only use the highest quality wood for grilling and smoking

At Jonathan’s, we only use the highest quality wood for grilling and smoking. mesquite, oak, maple, pecan, hickory, cherry, and apple. Meat cooked on a wood fire grill tastes differently than food cooked any other way. The flavors from searing and caramelization are captured and developed in the cooking process whether in fast grilling or slow roasting in a wood-fired grill. The food’s moisture is held inside and released at the end because the taste of the wood leaches into the food while it is being cooked. The way that this happens is that when the wood is burned, it releases energy and particles of wood. When that air from the fire reaches the cooking food, it adds additional flavors to the food. Wood flavor affects the food’s taste due to the science of cooking.

Meet Jonathan & Son

Jonathan & Son

In 1997 I opened a restaurant called Jonathan's home cooking in Grandview mo after moving to Kansas City from Detroit mi in 1993. After several years of running the business me and my wife decided to let it go. but we kept the business name. Being now in a season in my life where I've learned to run multiple businesses. My Son John Dawkins has matured to junior manhood. and the time has come to teach him to have multiple streams of income legitimately. and at a younger age then I was exposed to a legitimate business. I remembered that we never did anything with the name Jonathans. remembering that I decided that I would take that name and pass it down to my son and establish a business that he could run all the way through college with low to no overhead and potentially creating a cash cow.

The History Of Our First Smoker

Patio grilling ovenWriting that says - History of the GrillBlack and white picture of submarines

Our Grill/Smoker was created from a World War II single-man Japanese submarine. Captured in 1914 and stored in the United States Navy shipyards. The Grill/Smoker sits on a 1940 ford truck rear axle. This Type D ("Koryu") midget submarine was dismantled and through military companions, the Grill/Smoker was found and purchased by a pastor who was also in the military. Pastor Jones who inherited the grill now deceased from Oklahoma paid off his Church with the Grill/Smoker and became a community pillar through evangelistic and city-wide events using this Grill/Smoker is a crowd-pleaser. The Grill/Smoker is Known for thick hickory smoke that draws crowds when lit. Before pastor Jones went home to be with the Lord. By Divine intervention, I was able to purchase the Grill/Smoker from one of his deacons who took first place in many BBQ contests over the years in multiple states. Pastor Jones while slipping away from life quickly. I told his deacon to tell him before he passed away that the Grill/Smoker was going to another Pastor and that it would do more than just smoked meats and entertain the public.... but that it would also be a part of many outreach and ministry events. Simultaneously building Jonathan's brand which belongs to my successor John Dawkins jr.

The Legacy of
Mother Flowers

The Legacy of Mother Flowers

As a child, I watched my grandmother in Detroit raise over a hundred foster children, feed a neighborhood of people selling dinners including feeding the homeless all while I assisted her in the kitchen cooking and moving big pots. I was always excited to finish working to sit down to her food to enjoy. Little did I know that God was using her to create the person that you meet today myself. My grandmother's anointing to serve mankind will forever be on me reaping the Harvest of God throughout the Earth, who would have known that it all started in the kitchen with my grandma's flowers. Rest in power my love... your labor of love is still alive blessing people every day.